Saturday, February 16, 2013

Review: Contrary Polish Spring Collection Love Lyrics

Hi Nail Enthusiastics! hehe. I'm a bit late with the review on Contrary Polish Spring Collection: Love Lyrics since I'm doing the Laid-Back 31DC challenge and getting prepared at work to get audited, plus I'm in the middle of tax season and I'm going a bit crazy! :)

I bought three mini bottles of Better Together, Feels Like Home, and Ain't No Sunshine. I wish I would have gone for the bigger bottles! The colors are amazing! Below I started with Better Together and the color is deep and easy to apply. I used a base clear coat, two color coats and a top coat of Seche Vite.

If you want to get Contrary Polish colors Visit Llarowe. You can also visit to Join Contrary Polish Site.
She also has a Facebook.

I was trying to capture the glitter that goes with the polish. I'm not great at capturing the glitter well. :(

Below you can see that I did Feels Like Home as the second swatch last night. I really really LOVE this color. I love the pink glitter that comes with the purple base.

Orginally I had first started with Ain't No Sunshine but it was extremely light and wasn't working. So I decided to try after the other two colors. Below is my second attempt and I succeeded in getting it right! This polish needs to be applied thicker and I had to do three thick coats. You can't tell but it worked out well. I believe the small bottles and brush didn't help.

The color is a gray/ blue, the glitter is silver and very faint blue. It's amazing!

I will buy big bottles from now on because the price ($5) is too steep for these small bottles (.17oz). It's a bit uncomfortable to use the brush, and the brushes were a bit bent making it harder to use. 

I will definitely buy Contrary Polish again. Carrie was an amazing person to deal with, great attitude, awesome customer service, and a genius!

Don't forget to check her out at her pages that I posted on the top! Have a wonderful weekend!


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