Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Day 8 - Laid-Back 31DC - Holo/Duo Chrome/Flakie

Hi girlies! Today I bring you a really dark color from OPI. I was a little hesitant on how it came out since you can barely see the different colors of yellow and green. Since it was on such short notice I just did a simple mani. I've been helping my sister with moving and painting on her new house! It's so exciting on buying your own place. I did the mani right before heading to bed but yesterday I didn't have time to post since I was deprived of sleep.

What so you think of the color? At least it makes my nails look longer! ;) Please join my site to keep posted and please check below the girls amazing job for this day!


  1. Ah, I love these nails. I almost used Her Majesty's Secret Service on mine. We would of kind of matched!!

    Though now I want to go and buy that polish!

    1. Thanks! :) It was a weird moment when I got this. I really was unsure but I wanted to try something out of my norm. I prefer bright light colors. If they are dark I tend to go with purples, reds, and pinks. :)