Thursday, March 28, 2013

Day 4 - Tri-Polish Challenge - Green/Coral/Purple

Hi there my ladies!!! Thanks for following me. I'm super greatful for all the love. <3

Here is one that not many girls are trying and I think it's a shame because it's super beautiful! I made this for the last day on this months challenge.

Thank you for coming by! Please let me know if you enjoyed it. :)

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Day 3 - Tri-Polish Challenge - Green/Coral/Purple

Hi ladies!!! Here is my third day on the tri-polish challenge and I'm really enjoying this one. This one is a fast mani for a late night when the next day you have to work. lol. I love the purple that I have been using but this is the first time doing a full swatch on it. What do you girls think?

Do you think this is a little bit sloppy? I used a circle piece for the papers to be sustained. I cut them in half and used the inside to fill it in with the green. If you need to know which colors I used, please check one of the other two previous days. The colors are all there. :)

Thanks for reading my posts; I'm extremely happy that I actually have fans. :D

Please check the girls below. 

Day 16 - Laid-Back 31DC - Colour Opposites

Hi beautiful ladies! I have done my color opposite for the Laid-Back 31DC Challenge. My first attempt was a complete fail! I tried doing the base color super dark and you can't do black dotting if your background is dark. lol. I tried to highlight the spots in white but there is a reason why it's not attempted. lol.

I hope you liked my leopard mani. I love it! :)

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Day 15 - Laid-Back 31DC - Water Colours

Hi Everyone, Here is my water color. It was an interesting idea and it reminds me of a painting. :)
Here is my take on the water color idea.

I hope you liked it and let me know if you have any questions. The best way to do this is by researching tutorials on it. :)

Please check the work below, these girls did amazing!

Friday, March 22, 2013

Day 2 - Tri-polish Challenge - Green/Coral/Purple

Short's super late and I need to go to bed! :)

Below you see China Glaze White on White. Two coats.

I then decided that was too some China Glaze Fairdust would be great! First time trying it on. Why did I wait so long to try this on???? lol.

Then I needed to do my tri-polish colors: Green/Coral/Purple. I knew what I wanted to do but I needed some help. Used I Feel Polished! blog to get a better picture of what I was looking for.

How do you like my flowers?

Please check the girls below! Thank you!

Day 1 - Tri-polish Challenge - Green/Coral/Purple

Okay, I'm a bit behind on posting this to my blog but I had already showed everyone doing the challenge. :)

Does any one love matted polish??? Below is a picture of my China Glaze Liquid Leather and added a top coat of Essie Matte about you. I love it!!!

I then added two colors of the tri-polish challenge requirement. I picked Coral and Green, which I used Spoiled Lets Get Sushi and Sally Hansen Extreme Wear Green With Envy. I dotted the colors going diagonal and these are the results below. :)

This reminds me of snakeskin for some reason?!?!?! 

Please check the ladies below. 

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Day 13 - Laid-Back 31DC - Your Cheer Yourself Up Mani

Hey polish lovelies! I know I haven't been around since I've been sick for so long. But I'm back to doing my challenges and getting on track! :)

Today I have Zoya's PixieDust swatches and Bunny Nails stamp Plate N.

Below I first started with Zoya PixieDust Dahlia. I had one coat of Dahlia under the two coats of Nyx on my pointer and ring finger. Then two coats of Dahlia on the rest of my fingers; I think it looks amazing!

Then I decided to try my new plate N from Bunny Nails. Please check her website if you are interested in stamping. I stamped the image with China Glaze White on White.

 As you can see it looks matte but that's because Dahlia is a matte sandy texture but has a ton of glitter! I'm very surprised with the results; its even better than what I thought and better in person!

I hope you have enjoyed my cheer myself mani!

Day 4 - Relaxed 31DC - Green

Happy St. Patricks Day! I have really enjoyed doing this mani. I had my eye on the Orly Coachella Dweller from the 2013 Spring Collection and gave in when I saw it in person. The color looks more green on the pictures but it actually is a little lighter in person.

I did this manicure thinking of St. Patty's day and the results look super nice. I used Bunny Nails HD-B plate to complete my look. The semi last picture shows the stamping plate.

Did you like my mani? Have a wonderful day!

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Day 3 - Relaxed 31DC - Yellow

Hi there! Thanks for visiting my blog! I have a yellow mani for today. I've been trying to do stamping; so you might get to see a lot more stamping in the next couple of posts. :) The majority of the plates belong to Bunny Nails.

Did you like it? Would you do a yellow mani? 
I never thought I would enjoy yellow so much, but I've become a fan of yellow.