Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Day 3 - Tri-Polish Challenge - Green/Coral/Purple

Hi ladies!!! Here is my third day on the tri-polish challenge and I'm really enjoying this one. This one is a fast mani for a late night when the next day you have to work. lol. I love the purple that I have been using but this is the first time doing a full swatch on it. What do you girls think?

Do you think this is a little bit sloppy? I used a circle piece for the papers to be sustained. I cut them in half and used the inside to fill it in with the green. If you need to know which colors I used, please check one of the other two previous days. The colors are all there. :)

Thanks for reading my posts; I'm extremely happy that I actually have fans. :D

Please check the girls below. 

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