Monday, February 18, 2013

Day 6 - Laid-Back 31DC - Favorite Colour Family

Hi!!! I'm so glad to be doing this wonderful challenge with such amazing girls. It's such a pleasure to learn from everyone and get encouraged to do better. Crumpet's Nail Tarts is such an amazing group of gals! My mani is not due until tomorrow by 30 mins. ;) But I decided to get ahead and do mine today since my last mani started chipping from all the cleaning and dish washing. I dislike wearing gloves when cleaning but maybe that's why my nails are not as strong.

Talking about strong nails...mine have been doing a lot better since I started wearing OPI Nail Envy Strengthener. I bought a special package where both normal Nail Envy was in it and the Matte finish as well for $16.00. I had seen the matte for $16 by itself. I'm a newbie so maybe I didn't get such a good price?? I don't know but it's been worth it!

Now to my current mani....What do you think? I really enjoyed doing the mani as it wasn't hard.
I got the idea from Manicurator's blog, this woman is my nail hero! lol. She did a way better job, but I believe it was because she had ManGlaze which is a matte polish. hehehe. ;) j/k! I can't wait to buy some of ManGlaze.

I did one coat of Nail Envy Regular polish, two coats of China Glaze Secret Peri-Wink-Le except on the ring finger which I did two coats of China Glaze First Mate. Then I taped my mani and added the opposite color. After drying for a bit I added a coat of Matte Nail Envy. I waited some more and did the three dots on each finger with China Glaze Black Leather with my dotting tools. I finished the mani with a final coat of Matte Nail Envy.

Can you see the matte well? I still think that the matte is not enough. Does anyone recommend a better matte for top coat?

Please join my blog and please take the time to look at what the ladies below did for Day 6!

Next is Ombre or Skittle! Woot Woot! :D


  1. Oh I love these! I think you did a fantastic job!

    1. Thanks BP! It was pretty good. Not too hard. Especially since now I have the stripping tape! ;)

  2. Pretty :D Just FYI I have nominated you for a Versatile Blogger award

  3. Butter London is an amazing matte top coat. Expensive but worth it! X