Monday, April 1, 2013

Day 5 - Relaxed 31DC - Blue

Hi Ladies!!!! This is my Relaxed day 5 mani! I really really love this nail polish! I can't wait to wear it again, it's matted and it's a dark blue with bright blue glitters. What more can a girl ask? :)

The polish is no longer made but I had to go looking for it because I had to have it! It's name is: Borghese - Mediterrano Sea
Thank you for visiting and commenting. I enjoy every one of you! <3


  1. ahhhh love this my angel....I couldn't get this one but I have to say I am wearing picture polish cosmos and nostalgic lacquer rid of me then I matte topcoated it and it looks an exact dupe for this...ill show you later on PL xxxx

    1. Mimi, I can't believe that yours looks exactly like Borghese polish! You are an artist! Thanks for having me on your blog! I'm such a fan girl! lol