Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Day 1 - Tri-Polish - Turquoise/Pink/Orange

Hi Ladies! Thanks for coming by and enjoying my blog. Today I'm here to show you the Tri-Polish Challenge for the month of April. This month is going to be the colors: Turquoise/Pink/Orange. I have picked my colors already and I have a picture below of the pretties. I first started with Julep Robin and Parker. I really enjoy the colors but I have found out that Julep gets goopy. What I did was add a drop of thinner to each of the bottles to get better results.

Below I tried using a stamp from Bunny Nails Plate N. I used China Glaze Black Leather to do the stamping and obviously I did a terrible job! lol. I still wanted to show that as a newbie what I need is practice and a better polish to stamp. I'm still learning and I'm not giving up! You can't either! Keep trying, you can do it!! :)

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Below you will find the rest of the ladies that did the challenge as well. Please check them out! 

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