Monday, April 1, 2013

Day 17 - Laid-Back 31DC - A New Technique To You

Hi Beautiful ladies! I'm back to give you a new technique that I learned! This one took extremely long but was it worth it? Oh yes! I love the end result and I can't wait to try this with different combinations. This makes me think that I have two for the Julep's Parker and another sticker for Julep's Robin/Portia.

This was my first try with Julep. I had never used this brand and I got my first monthly box for a penny! The monthly box had two polishes and a foot scrub :) I also got a Mystery box and received 4 polishes, mascara, 3 scrungies, and some chocolate eggs. hehe. I got everything for $28!! I enjoyed swatching Parker but was not happy with Robin. It needs to be thinned out, so I plan to add a drop of thinner soon. It was very streaky and hard to go with two coats. Did I still like it? I did, I just hope that it's a one time situation.

I hope you enjoyed my mani and information and I hope you have a great day!!
Lot's of love, Zachy.

Please check the girls below! :)

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